Founder Dr Balasaheb Aher

Founder's Message

"Vidya Jagataha Bhushanam."

The most admirable things in the world are beauty, strength, power, wealth and knowledge. Knowledge is the greatest glory!

- Dr. Balasaheb Aher

There are many gifts bestowed upon us by the Almighty but the capability to think and store and gain knowledge makes us different from other living things. Gaining knowledge is the first step towards wisdom and sharing is the first step towards humanity. So we are here with GEMS ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL to repay HIS kindness and share abundance in all its forms like - knowledge, wisdom, skills, happiness and above all our culture and values!

The impact of education has to go beyond one can imagine. A child’s mind has a tremendous capability to imagine and learn and it must be utilised to its fullest! One must strive to make children independent by making them self motivated learners.

Let the glory of knowledge lighten and brighten our world with the highest possible intensity!