Admin Head Mrs Nandita Ganguly

Headmistress's Message

-Mrs. Nandita Ganguly

Dear Children, “From tiny seeds, grow mighty trees”

This quote helps us realize how we plant seeds within all of you to help you grow into strong adults.

In order to grow into strong adults you will need deep roots, roots that go deep in the soil of self confidence, values and beliefs. Each day we water these roots with hope, kindness and love. We feed you with nutrients like knowledge, liveliness and joy of sharing and caring. We take care of you so that you bloom with creativity and intelligence. We take you close to the nature because daily exposure to the natural environment is essential for your healthy development.

Kids you can’t imagine how much we love you. We always wish that you learn in a splendid environment, explore your world and shine brightly like a GEM…. And I know , you as GEMS’ kids will not only smile while being with us, but will spread the GEMS’ smile wherever you go.

We at GEMS promise to nurture all of you with the same love and care ! So children

  • Be enthusiastic learners.
  • Remember - Books are your best friends.
  • Play a lot.
  • Limit  TV viewing.
  • Always speak the Truth.
  • Never forget -  Sharing is Caring.
  • Respect your elders and value each of their words.
  • Preserve natural resources like water, food, fuel, trees and things made out from them .

We wish to see you as responsible citizens…